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Research Support Center in Computing and Informatics

RSCCI is a beacon for scientific research at Helwan university in the field of computing and informatics. RSSCI is established in 2017, in the deanship of Prof. Aliaa Yousef. RSCCI is Constructed and opened, in the deanship of Prof. Osama Emam.

2017-2019 RSCCI Manager was Prof. Mohamed Haggag, Co-Manager is Assoc. Prof. Ghada Khoriba, 2020~ RSCCI Manager is Assoc. Prof. Ensaf Hussein, Co-Manager is Assoc. Prof. Ghada Khoriba.

RSCCI aims are:

  • 1. Spread the culture of scientific research among young researchers, graduates, innovators and workers in the field of computing and informatics
  • 2. Link scientific research with the requirements of the labor market
  • 3. Encourage funders to participate in financing scientific research
  • 4. Participate in local, regional and international competitions & funded projects
  • 5. Qualify and encourage researchers to publish in periodicals with a high impact factor
  • 6. Provide research services for researchers such as proofreading, Plagiarism check
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Informatics Bulletin (IB)

Informatics Bulletin (IB) is established 2014
The Founders are prof. Mostafa Sami & Assoc. Prof. Ensaf Hussein

  • Bi-annual Journal
  • Special Issue for Graduation Projects

IB is indexed in Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB) 2020
IB Print ISSN: 2537-0901, Online ISSN: 2535-1397

Research Services

RSCCI offers Services such as:

  • Proofreading
  • Plagiarism check
  • Archiving Computing and Informatics Researches in DB


  • RSCCI offers training
  • RSCCI boosts researchers’ capabilities by: Train Staff members, researchers, students in Cooperation with Companies

Conference and Seminars

  • Holds Annual Conference
  • Holds regular seminars and webinars in computing and informatics

Competitions and Funds

RSCCI is targeting national, international competitions and funded researches.

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